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Nature Notebooks

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

Nature Notebooks are artist sketchbooks where the children can draw whatever natural items strike their fancy.

The more options you offer the child, the more likely they’ll find one or more ideas that spark their interest. The Nature Notebooks should be voluntary, by the way–not an assignment or a plea from the parent (“Now, draw the pretty bird for Mommy, honey. . . .”). Continue reading


Federation Forest Nature Walk

Photos from our most recent nature walk at Federation Forest State Park just outside of Enumclaw, Washington.

Interesting rock, evidently.  At least it has everyone’s attention. lol Continue reading

Natural Nature Learning

watercolour-pencils-nature-studies-02by Deborah Taylor-Hough

Our family hasn’t been blessed with acres of property off in the country for our children to frolic to their hearts content. But a small city lot and many local parks have offered us tremendous opportunities for outdoor learning activities. Continue reading