My favorite Math resource for 1st through 4th grade

When I was in First Grade (nearly 50 years ago!), I regularly got in trouble for sneaking things from school home with me.  What was I sneaking into my coat that got me in trouble?  Believe it or not, it was the Math workbooks we used in class!  I couldn’t get enough of them … they were like wonderful puzzle books to me and I just never felt like we played with them enough in class.  Yes, you read that right.  I thought of Math as playing.  I was such a weird child.  😉

Fast forward many years to my own children and the decisions involved with choosing a Math curriculum for our family’s homeschooling efforts.  When I discovered that parents could actually buy the very same Math workbooks I was always sneaking home in First Grade, I was so happy!  There was something so wonderful about the thought of sharing my favorite learning experiences from school with my own kiddos.

And which Math books were they?  None other than the classic Miquon Math series and an accompanying Cuisenaire Rod set.

Miquon Math helps children learn to view the world mathematically. The program emphasizes mathematical patterns and relationships rather than pre-set formulas and methods. It uses Cuisenaire® Rods and a unique graphic layout to help children discover mathematical patterns and relationships with just a bit of guidance from their teachers as necessary.” – Sonlight Curriculum


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